SAP (SRM) Supplier Relationship Management

provides you with innovative methods to coordinate your business processes with your key suppliers and make them more effective. SAP SRM enables you to optimize your procurement strategy, to work more effectively with your supplier pool, and thus to gain long-term benefits from all your supplier relationships.

With SAP SRM you can examine and forecast purchasing behavior, shorten procurement cycles, and work with your partners in real time. This allows you to develop long-term relationships with all those suppliers that have proven them to be reliable partners.

The efficient processes in SAP SRM enable you to cut down your procurement expenses and to work more intensively with more suppliers than ever before.

The SAP SRM documentation offers a comprehensive description of the functional scope of SAP SRM, and highlights the relationship between the application and the underlying technologies.

SAP SRM Course content

  • Introduction to ERP and ERP Packages
  • Introduction to SAP and its architecture
  • Introduction to SAP and its modules (MM,SD,FICO)
  • Introduction to SAP SRM and its various areas
  • Role of SAP SRM Functional Architect and Discussions with Participants
  • Purchase Requisition, Purchase order, Good Receipt and Invoice
  • SRM Basics and Architecture Overview
  • Master Data in SAP SRM
  • Material Group, Vendor and Products
  • Basic SAP GUI and Portal Navigation
  • Classic Scenario
  • Extended Classic Scenario
  • Standalone or Local Scenario
  • Decoupled Scenario
  • EBP Process
  • Roles in Enterprise Buyer
  • What is OrganizationStructure
  • Different Organization Structure in SRM
  • RFC Destination, ALE Distribution Model
  • Customizing Attributes of Organization Structure.
  • Introduction to Self Service Procurement
  • Configuration of Self Service Procurement
  • System Landscape
  • Define Backend Systems and Product Category
  • Define Number range for Shopping cart and Follow up documents
  • Tax Calculations
  • Account Assignments
  • Output Actions and format
  • Overview of SRM Service Procurement Functionalities
  • Request for External Staff
  • Services with MM-SRM Integration
  • Overview of Plan Driven Procurement
  • Workflow in SAP SRM
  • Standard Delivered Workflow in SAP SRM
  • Customize Settings in Workflow
  • Approval Options in Shopping cart
  • Security and Authorization in Workflow
  • Types of Catalogs
  • What are Round Trip and Punch-Out
  • SRM-MDM Catalog Overview
  • customizing the Web service Call Structure in SRM System.
  • Overview of Sourcing Functionalities
  • Sourcing Cockpit
  • Supplier Self Registration SAP SUS Overview
  • Contract Management Overview
  • SAP Portal Reporting Model