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About Us

Sygna Solutions is a leading information technology firm, specializing in a diverse range of integrated SAP services.

Utilizing a customized cross-platform process, Sygna Solutions delivers two of the most valuable and powerful management tools – enterprise knowledge domination and operational confidence.

Our proven ability to integrate SAP based implementation, strategic consulting and production optimization guarantees not only risk free management decisions, but also an improved competitive edge.

Given the complexity of management strategies in today’s marketplace, advanced information technology and innovative SAP solutions can make the difference between success and failure. Sygna Solutions’ ability to understand the environment in which you operate and manage the implementation of tailored SAP strategies is priceless. Not only it will increase your ROI, but it will also optimize performance, boost production and maximize efficiency.

Sygna Solutions’ team blends vast experience and unsurpassed professional competence. Our specialized experts will work with you closely to anticipate your needs and ensure a smooth, successful SAP integration process.


Sygna is a full-service Product development, Business Application development and Data Management firm offering a wide array of software services to choose from. We are comprised of some of the best business analysis and programming talent that the market has to offer. Sygna Solutions has the experience, expertise, and technical know-how to deliver effective solutions geared to reach your business objective.


Assisting our clients in meeting their business objectives by providing robust business solutions and ensuring maximum quality and usage from their applications.

Core Value

Our team of highly trained analysts and engineers are dedicated to assuring quality and client satisfaction.